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The Art of Human Nature

Friday, January 22nd–Thursday, March 4th St. Paul Student Center, Larson Gallery Zoom Meeting Link

Roadside wildflowers. Well-traveled trails. Fallen leaves and prairie grass. Invoke your sense of wanderlust and explore how the following artists demonstrate the dichotomy between urban and rural spaces, and ask us to explore our modern relationship to the natural world. Katiana Shovelain honors the life, personality, and features of nature and its forms. Karlie Thomas emphasizes the beauty of rural cityscapes. Margi Grill documents how landscape exists in an urban environment, and inspires the viewer to consider the ecological concerns of land-use and access to green spaces. Linda Snouffer often elicits viewers’ childhood memories, prompting them to comment about the role of prairies in our lives and induce conversations surrounding prairie ecology, preservation and reclamation. Cameron Williams, with an innate curiosity for the natural world, encourages us to immerse ourselves in nature. Last but not least, Grant McFarland and Anna Van Voorhis invite us to question the relationship between our perception of time and the changing of seasons in their 3D installation. So much of our lives have changed during this time, but nature perpetuates.

This exhibit will be available from January 22nd until March 4th. See photographs of exhibition

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