Registration for Groups that Expired in March 2021

This page is for groups that expired in March 2021 ONLY. Click here for Expired Group Registration for groups that expired before March 2021.

Student groups that missed the re-registration deadline in Spring 2021 expired in March 2021.

Expired Student Groups that expired in March 2021, and that are seeking “currently registered” status and access to all student group benefits, can begin the process at any time before Friday, May 14, 2021.

Review the student group policies for benefits and responsibilities of registered student groups.

Registration Requirements for Groups that Expired in March 2021

Student groups that missed the Spring 2021 deadline to re-register for academic year 2020-21 expired in March 2021.

These groups that want to be currently registered must complete all requirements for registration, except for the following requirements:

  • Groups that expired in March 2021 do not need to pay the $30 New/Expired Group Registration Fee
  • Groups that expired in March 2021 do not need to meet with a Student Activities Advisor to register

Steps to Registration for Expired Groups that Expired in March 2021

1: Access the Registration Form

  • First check to see if your group has a profile in the GopherLink Directory.
  • For groups that don't have a profile in GopherLink:
    • Officers whose student group does NOT have a profile in GopherLink must click here to begin registration.
    • Select "Set up a student group's profile AND register" from the first drop-down question titled "What are you trying to do?"
  • For groups that have a profile in GopherLink:
    • An officer with administrative access to the group's profile in GopherLink can register the group. Email the Student Activities Office at if no officers have administrative access to your group's profile in the GopherLink Directory.
    • Access your group's registration form following these steps:
    • Select "Complete annual registration for my group (For groups with profiles in new GopherLink)" the first drop-down question titled "What are you trying to do?"

Note: If your group submitted a re-registration form prior to the Spring 2021 re-registration deadline but did not complete the registration requirements before the deadline, you may resubmit the same form your group began before the Spring 2021 re-registration deadline.

2: Complete the registration form

One officer from the student group must complete the registration form before May 14, 2021.

Through the form you will...

  • Review/Update your group's About information and categories
  • Agree to student group policies for registration
  • Answer questions about your student group
  • Upload your group's constitution for review, regardless of Constitution Review Set. Click here to review constitution requirements, recommendations, and example language.
  • Update your group's internal roster and public officer roster. There must be at least five officers on the internal roster. All officers must meet the criteria for being an officer. Click here to review officer responsibilities.
  • Required for CLPs, optional for RSOs: Provide advisor contact information.
  • For groups requesting to change their official name (optional): The group’s requested name with an updated and signed constitution that reflects the group’s requested name. Please review the student group name policies and the student group constitution requirements.

3: Complete the Canvas Course

The officer who completed the registration form must complete the New/Expired Group Registration Canvas Course.

This officer receives an email from the Student Activities Office once they have been added to the course. It may take 3-5 business days to be added to the Canvas Course.

NOTE: Groups that expired in March 2021 DO NOT have to pay $30 or meet with a student activities advisor. The Canvas course references these requirements for new/expired groups; these requirements do not apply to groups that expired in March 2021.

4: Update registration form submission, if needed

After the officer has completed the Canvas Course, a Student Activities Advisor reviews the group's submission and provides feedback to the group via email if there are missing requirements. The email will include instructions on how to update the group's registration form submission.

Click here to review all registration requirements that must be met in the submission to complete registration.

Frequently missing requirements include:

  • Officer Requirement 1: Minimum number of officers on the internal roster.
    • You need at least five students in officer positions on the internal roster. Officer positions include President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Committee Chair. The "Member" position does not count towards the minimum officer requirement.
  • Constitution Requirement 5: Officer requirements.
    • The constitution must include a statement that ensures that all officers are:
      • (1) currently enrolled, student services fee paying students at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (exceptions are permitted for graduate students upon receipt of a letter from the Director of Graduate Studies of the student’s department certifying that the student is actively pursuing a degree);
      • (2) in good standing with the University; and
      • (3) free of sanctions as defined in the Board of Regents Policy: Student Conduct Code.
  • Constitution Requirement 7: Signatures.
    • The constitution must include the ratification date and the signatures of five officers who are on the internal roster as officers in the registration form submission. Signatures can be physical, digital, or electronic; typed names without a digital signature certificates will not satisfy this requirement.

5: Once all requirements have been met, your group will be “currently registered” status and gain full access to student group benefits through September 30, 2021.