Sales and Fundraising Permit Policies and Procedures

Please review and agree to the following policies and procedures before continuing.


Failure to meet the following guidelines will result in your application not being reviewed/approved by Student Unions & Activities (SUA).

  1. Applications must be submitted online by a registered officer of the student group. Student groups applying for a permit must be registered and in good standing with Student Unions & Activities.
  2. Application are due a minimum of ten (10) business days prior to the sale and/or fundraiser.
  3. Student groups may be given a permit for a maximum of five (5) days per group per semester or summer session.
  4. Bake Sales can occur one (1) day per semester per student group. Sales and/or fundraising activities involving food must comply with the Policy for Serving Food or Refreshments on University Property in association with meetings, social gatherings, and special events; including filing all necessary permits with the Department of Environmental Health and Safety.
  5. Approved sales and/or fundraisers will receive a permit that must be displayed at the site of the sale and/or fundraiser.
  6. Events held as fundraisers or for the purpose of generating revenue for a student group/department or philanthropic cause are not eligible for Student Unions & Activities grant funding. If grant funding is received, the revenue made through a sale or fundraiser must be used to pay for the event costs. A group's privileges of engaging in sales and/or fundraising activities is subject to immediate cancellation if the methods used interfere with general University operations, are disorderly, improper, obstruct traffic, or if they otherwise interfere with an individual's rights to privacy and/or freedom from harassment.
  7. Proceeds must go back to the student group, unless monies collected are intended to benefit an off-campus agency, nonprofit organization or musician, guest speaker, performing artist, etc., and the sales are directly related to an event sponsored by a student group. Off-campus agencies, nonprofit organizations, musicians, guest speakers or performing artists shall not be permitted to solicit funds on campus unless they have a contract with the University of Minnesota or are sponsored by a student group as a sales and/or fundraising activity in accordance with the following procedures outlined by Student Unions & Activities. No individuals may profit as a result of the sale and/or fundraiser.
  8. Sales conducted by non-University vendors invited by student groups to participate in a student group-sponsored event at a University facility (including outdoor spaces) must abide by all University policies and procedures that apply to that facility and as permitted by its responsible administrator(s). When the reservation solely consists of a contact table, personnel from non-University vendors or companies are not allowed at the contact table, when sales or sales-related, fundraising or commercial activities are being conducted.
  9. Sales and/or fundraising activities shall not be conducted in classrooms, campus offices, residential facilities, and/or other University buildings, without written consent of the instructor or appropriate administrator.
  10. Ticket sales for admittance to an event do not require a sales and/or fundraising permit.
  11. Gambling is illegal in the State of Minnesota without an approved permit. Student groups generally may not conduct any gambling tournaments or games of chance with or without a permit from the state and may ONLY conduct a raffle with an approved permit from the Minnesota Gambling Control Board. Please see below for more details on gambling.
  12. Donation jars and/or donation solicitation are considered fundraising on campus and groups conducting these activities need a permit to do so. Solicitation of donations is also limited to the five (5) days per semester or summer session policy.
  13. University policy prohibits the use of University property by non-University entities for the purpose of revenue generation or the sale, solicitation or promotion of goods or services. (Policy: Use and Lease of Real Estate: Appendix to Policy: Using and Leasing University Real Estate (Permissible Uses and Scheduling Priority, Non-permissible uses 1 & 2)
    1. Registered student groups may have non-University sponsors in support of a primary event; however the primary purpose of the event cannot be non-University vendor or sponsor presence, promotion or sales.
    2. When a registered student group has non-University sponsors of an event, insurance requirements and sponsorship agreements may be required.

Application and Permit Procedures

  1. Reserve Student Unions & Activities space at the Event Services Office in 309 Coffman Union or Room 42 St. Paul Student Center or online. For University of Minnesota outdoor space, complete the online application on the Outdoor website. For University of Minnesota classroom space, complete the online application.
  2. Complete the Sales & Fundraising application online.
  3. If you need assistance completing the sales and/or fundraising permit application, you can meet with a Student Activities staff member. Scheduled appointments are available by calling: 612-626-6919.
  4. If approved, a copy of the permit will be emailed to the student group officer's address listed on the permit application. A copy of the permit must be posted at the sale and/or fundraiser.
  5. The student group must save all receipts for expenses incurred as a result of the sale and/or fundraiser and a deposit slip of the amount received from the sale and/or fundraiser. Student Activities reserves the right to request a financial report from any group should they deem it necessary. Should you be requested to submit a financial report, all receipts must be attached. Failure to respond to a request for a financial report will result in loss of all sale and/or fundraising privileges for the remainder of the academic year and could result in the loss of student group status.
  6. Groups must comply with all University of Minnesota, local, state, and federal policies and guidelines. Failure to comply with these policies and procedures could affect student group status with Student Unions & Activities. This includes being responsible for any and all taxes associated with your sale and/or fundraiser.
  7. Sales and/or fundraising permit applications may be denied if submitted less than ten (10) business days in advance.

Terms of Signature:

I have read the applicable guidelines for sales and/or fundraising at the University of Minnesota and understand that by signing this application I am responsible for the conditions as stated in the guidelines. I understand that it is my responsibility, should our application be approved, to post my Sales and/or Fundraising permit at my event. I also acknowledge that should it be requested, I will be responsible for handing in a financial report of all expenditures and monetary gains associated with the sale and/or fundraiser, including all receipts. I am aware that my group is responsible for determining whether we owe any taxes as a result of our sale and/or fundraiser and if so, that we are responsible for paying them to the appropriate agencies. Finally, I understand that failure to follow University of Minnesota policy or any policies as outlined in the Student Group Policies, including the violation of local, state, or federal laws, will put the status of my registered student group and/or my group's benefits in jeopardy.

Agree to Policies