Apply for Grants

Application Due Dates

We recommend that applications are submitted as soon as possible to receive your grant funding, if awarded. Familiarize yourself with the Grant Process Overview (opens in a new tab) to determine the most appropriate time for your group to complete an application. Applying close to or after the date of your event will mean that your group will not receive awarded money until after the event occurs.

(CLPs will receive a transfer within ~2-4 weeks; RSOs will receive checks within ~3-6 weeks).

Application Deadlines (opens in a new tab)

How to Apply

  • Fill out the SUA Grants Application (opens in a new tab):
    • All Grants Applications must be filled out by an officer of the group applying for the grant.
    • Make sure that all information and documents are filled out correctly.
  • The SUA Grants Team will contact your group's primary contact with your applications status after your application has been reviewed.
  • If you have any questions contact

Application Information

To complete your application, here's some of the information you'll need to have ready:

  • Applicant Information
    • Student group name
    • Contact information (phone number, email address, etc.)
    • Type of Applicant (RSO, CLP, Department or Individual)
  • Project Information
    • Name, date, time and location of event
    • Clear and concise overview of event details
  • Financial Information
    • List of expenditures related to your event (food, room rental etc.)
    • The estimated cost of each expenditure related to your event
    • Documentation of the estimated cost for each expenditure (quote, screenshot of website etc.)
    • A full budget detailing all of the costs related to your event
  • Event Logistics
    • Event Location Information
    • List of event supplies
    • Publicity plan
  • Additional Forms

Post-Event Process

All groups who receive funding through the SUA Grant Program are required to submit receipts and other event information by the end of the semester in which their event was held.

The process for submitting post-event paperwork is:

  • Fill out the SUA Grants Post -Event Form (opens in a new tab)
    • Groups must upload receipts for all expenditures.
  • Meet with an advisor if necessary
    • If a submission is complex or does not contain all of the necessary documents an advisor will schedule a meeting to clarify the information provided.
  • Pay the reimbursement if necessary
    • If a group does not use all of the funding they received, the group will need to pay the remaining funds back to the SUA Grants Program.  
    • RSO’s will receive an email with an invoice payable by credit card and CLP’s will pay with an EFS transfer.