Event Planning

Events are the primary focus of many student groups at the University of Minnesota. These events cover a wide range of activities including…

  • Bringing speakers to campus for a lecture, presentation or panel discussion
  • Serving the community
  • Presenting an art show or fair
  • Facilitating a lunch group/roundtable for people to exchange ideas
  • Celebrating culture and diversity
  • Organizing a dance or concert
  • Fundraising for nonprofit organizations or for the group itself
  • Producing a theatrical performance

No matter the group or the event, a successful event requires planning in advanced.

The Event Planning sections (linked to the right) are intended for any group to utilize. The pages are laid out in the order in which event planning happens under ideal circumstances. Whether this is your group’s first event, you have been suddenly put into an event planning role, or you are planning a long-standing event for your group, you can likely benefit from reviewing each page to ensuring you are not missing any critical steps for your group.

Major Events

A Major Event is an event on campus that has the potential for large crowds, media involvement, and/or high profile speakers/performers. If you find that your group wants to plan a large scale event, there are additional steps your group must take before you will be able to reserve a space on campus. For the safety of your group, the performer/speaker, attendees, and the community, the University may require enhanced security, emergency personnel, or specific precautions for any events held on campus.

Please meet with a Student Activities Advisor (z.umn.edu/sgeventadvising) if you are planning any large scale events. The Student Activities Office can help you with the review and approval process. We want to make sure that your events are successful and that you experience as few surprises or issues as possible.