Student Group Virtual Welcome Events

The Student Activities Office has been reviewing the programs provided to student groups who seek interaction with incoming students at the start of the year. We are committed to supporting spaces for student groups to build community and contribute to an inclusive campus climate for incoming graduate, professional, and undergraduate students while following public health safety guidelines, as outlined by the University and the Minnesota Department of Health. Additionally, Orientation & Transition Experiences and the Student Activities Office have partnered to promote those opportunities to all incoming undergraduate students.

We invite student groups to host a Virtual Welcome Event during the first two weeks of Fall semester. Student groups may submit an application to be included in direct promotion to all incoming students. General information can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.

All approved Virtual Welcome Events can be seen by visiting

General Information

What is the intended goal of this opportunity?

  • To support student groups’ efforts to build community, promote the benefits of campus involvement, and to enhance the diversity and inclusivity of the campus community for all incoming students.

Who is the primary audience of this opportunity?

  • Incoming undergraduate, graduate, and professional students are the primary audience.

How will students find out about my group’s event?

  • Approved events will be posted to the GopherLink Events Calendar and will be promoted to all incoming students. Students will be able to find these events by filtering the events with the “Virtual Welcome Event” category. Student groups may promote through other methods, such as social media, if they choose.

Is my group eligible to sign up to host an event?

  • Groups must be currently registered and in good standing with Student Unions & Activities in order to sign up to host a Virtual Welcome Event. Refer to your group’s GopherLink profile under the “Additional Information” section if you need clarification on your group’s status. Groups must also meet the event criteria to participate.

What if our group wants to partner with another group or department?

  • Groups may co-host events, but one group must act as the primary contact for the event in the application.

What is the criteria to participate in this opportunity?

  • In order for a student group Virtual Welcome Event to be promoted to all incoming students, the event must be:
  • Additionally, student groups must submit information about their event and demonstrate that it aligns with the following:
    • Builds community for incoming students
    • Promotes the benefits of campus involvement
    • Enhances diversity and inclusivity of the campus community

Do groups have to pay to participate in this opportunity?

  • No payment is required to participate in this opportunity.

Why do we say “incoming students”?

  • The students who are entering the University of Minnesota are at various points in their academic journey. For some students, this is their first time in a college or University setting. For others, they are new to the University of Minnesota, but began their academic career at another institution. To remain inclusive, please use the term “incoming students” to be inclusive of all first-year and transfer undergraduate, graduate, and professional student experiences.

What is digital accessibility and where can my group learn more about it?


How does my group sign up?

  • Student groups are required to submit an application for this opportunity. Groups may apply via the event submission form. The form will begin accepting submissions on Tuesday, August 4 at 7:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada) and all submissions are due by Friday, August 21 at 5:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada). Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis and student groups will receive feedback on what criteria has not been met. Groups may resubmit their applications with updates until the final deadline on Friday, August 21.

What are the benefits to student groups participating in this opportunity?

  • Free promotion through Orientation and Transition Experiences (OTE) and Student Unions and Activities (SUA)
  • All approved student group events will be promoted on GopherLink through a direct access point for incoming students
  • Increased awareness and membership for your student group
  • Participating groups will have access to an event survey for their participants

Is my group guaranteed to participate if we sign up?

  • Groups are not guaranteed participation when they sign up. Submissions will be reviewed to ensure that they meet the intended goals of this opportunity. Groups who do not meet the submission criteria or meet the appropriate deadlines may not participate in this opportunity.

Can we change our event details after submission?

  • Student groups are discouraged from making significant edits to their event details after their event has been approved.

What if we can no longer participate?

  • Notify the Student Activities Office at as soon as possible.

Contact the Student Activities Office at or 612-626-6919 with any questions or concerns