Nominate a Student Group

Nomination Form

Please answer the questions provided in the nomination form linked above. Limit your response to each question to 150 words. Nominations for 2020 Excellence awards will open on March 17 and will stay open until April 5. All activities mentioned must have occurred between January 1 and December 31, 20.

Nomination Categories

Excellence in Academics

This award recognizes student groups that are committed to continuing academic conversations and development outside the classroom to support the academic excellence of their members and community.

Excellence in Career Readiness

This award recognizes student groups that provide opportunities for members to explore their future careers and build networks.

Excellence in Civic Engagement

This award recognizes student groups that show a commitment to civic engagement and the civic engagement of its members.

Excellence in Community Building

This award recognizes groups that build communities to create a sense of belonging for its members and the community at large.

Excellence is Cultural Celebration and Recognition

This award recognizes groups that create space for cultural engagement and appreciation within the University community.

Excellence in Health and Wellness

This award recognizes groups have an outstanding impact on the health and wellness of its members and/or community at large.

Excellence in Leadership Education

This award recognizes groups that have gone above and beyond in supporting and developing the leadership capabilities of its members.

Excellence in Recreation

This award recognizes student groups that excel in their work to create a fun and positive environment for its members and/or the community at large.

Excellent Student Group Advisor

This award recognizes an outstanding advisor of a student group who has gone above and beyond to help their group accomplish its mission and goals. Nominees must be advisors for student groups currently registered with Student Unions & Activities (advisor does not need to be a University of Minnesota employee to be eligible).


The Excellence Awards are open to all currently registered Campus Life Programs and Registered Student Organizations. The Excellent Student Group Advisor award is open to all advisors of a registered Campus Life Program or Registered Student Organization.

Nomination Criteria

  • Only activities and events that happened between January 1 and December 31, 20 will be considered.
  • Nominations will be accepted from any member of the campus community.
  • Student groups can nominate themselves.
  • Groups may be nominated for more than one award.
  • Nominations should be written as to be understood by individuals with no prior knowledge of the student group, as awards are solely determined by the information provided in the nomination form.
  • Answers to nomination questions must be under 150 words.