Award Categories


The awards are open to all registered Campus Life Programs and Registered Student Organizations.

Nominations and Application Criteria

  • Nominations for 2019 awards will open in January 2020.
  • Only activities and events during the 2019 calendar year will be considered.
  • Nominations will be accepted from members and non-members of groups.
  • Groups may be nominated for more than one award.
  • Applications should be written as to be understood by individuals with no prior knowledge of the student group, as awards are solely determined by the information provided in the application.
  • Essay question answers should be concise, please keep responses to 250 words.
  • A successful response to the essay questions will utilize Student Leadership Competencies in its structure.


The judging committee will consist of University of Minnesota faculty, staff, and students. Please note, Student Activities full time staff will not serve on the judging committee. The judging committee reserves the right to grant more than one award in each category.