The Roster tool is a great way to manage your student group roster, send invitations to new members, and identify group officers. GopherLink is a much more powerful tool if your group's roster lists all members. Membership rosters cannot be seen by the public. Check out the Roster Overview to get started.

Sign into the Administrative Dashboard of GopherLink to access the following Help Guides:

Ensure your officers have administrative access to your group’s profile:

When you add officers to your roster through registration or when you first create your group’s profile in the new GopherLink, officers are automatically granted access to edit/manage your group’s profile.

Without this access, officers cannot re-register the group, make updates to the group’s public profile, add/edit events in GopherLink, add/edit forms, or upload documents to the group’s profile.

When you add officers to your roster before or after registration during the year, you must complete this form to grant officers access to edit/manage your group’s profile. This form takes 2-5 business days to process so plan accordingly.

How to Assign Positions

GopherLink has five default officer positions. However, not every group will have a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and so on. Your group may have different titles of these positions, your group may have no hierarchy and all officers are just officers.

Review the descriptions below to help assign these positions on your roster. You can have more than one person holding the same officer position.

  • President - An officer who can take primary responsibility for the group
  • Vice President - A secondary officer for your group, or an officer assigned to a focus area within your group
  • Treasurer - An officer who handles the financial management of your group
  • Secretary - An officer who handles record keeping, administrative tasks, or other organizational functions for the group
  • Committee Chair - A general officer that doesn't fit the above descriptions
  • Member - A general/voting member of your group

At a minimum, your group needs the following on your roster:

  • Five University of Minnesota students, who are student service fee paying, listed as officers.
  • Of the officers listed, you need at least the following two positions listed:
    • At least one person must be listed as President - The officer(s) who can take primary responsibility for the group
    • At least one person must be listed as Treasurer - The officer(s) responsible for the group's financial management and processes

Any person listed in an officer position must meet the minimum requirements for student group officers. Review the Officer Responsibilities in the Student Group Handbook for details.

Contact the Student Activities Office at with general questions.