About GopherLink

Are you looking for a way to get more involved in the campus community? Check out GopherLink!

As the home to student groups, events, and activities on campus, GopherLink is a comprehensive tool to increase your engagement outside of the classroom. Student experiences outside the classroom contribute to career, skill, and identity development. By engaging in communities and opportunities that challenge and support your growth, students can find a sense of belonging at the University. For more information about why student engagement matters, visit osa.umn.edu/student-engagement.

GopherLink enables you to take control of your co-curricular involvement by finding opportunities, joining a group, and attending events.

Check Out These Features:ΒΆ

Explore and Join Student Groups

Find a group to join! With over 1000 on campus, student groups are the most common co-curricular experience for students at the University of Minnesota. On GopherLink, you are able to view all student groups, search for specific student groups, and even filter student groups by category! You can explore the student group directory by visiting GopherLink.umn.edu/organizations.

Find and Attend Events

Find events to attend! GopherLink is home to many events hosted by student groups and even some hosted by campus offices and departments! On GopherLink, you are able to view all events, search for specific events, and filter events by category, who is hosting the event, tags, and even by date! Explore the events calendar by visiting GopherLink.umn.edu/events.

Manage your Student Group on GopherLink

Are you an officer of a student group? Click here to find resources on how to manage your student group on GopherLink.

Contact GopherLink@umn.edu with general questions.