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Policies & Operations

The Board of Governors (BOG) serves as a student voice in the policies and operations of Student Unions & Activities.

Board of Governors

Join the 2018-2019 Board of Governors! 

Applications are open from February 5th, 2018 to March 9th, 2018.  Please apply now by clicking here.

The Board of Governors (BOG) serves as a voice for students in the policies and operations of Student Unions & Activities. Through the Board’s leadership, the student unions are able to adapt to the changing needs of the campus community by adding services, lobbying successfully for renovations and increasing hours of operation.

The Board meets every Thursday during the academic year at 4:00pm in the Coffman Memorial Union Board Room or at the St. Paul Student Center.

Board member responsibilities include:

  1. Review/consult on new programs or services for Coffman Memorial Union, the St. Paul Student Center and the West Bank Skyway
  2. Confer on assessment and measurement of Student Unions & Activities programs and services
  3. Represent Student Unions & Activities at student leadership gatherings
  4. Facilitate and present our bi-annual Student Services Fees request
  5. Coordinate the space allocation process for student group space on Coffman Union’s second floor

If you have questions about your application or the Board itself, please contact Mady Turner or Monica Delgado

Please contact us with any questions.