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Bits Variety Show

WWithin playing at the Whole Music Club.

The funny bits, the loud bits, the scary bits, the naughty bits, and the good bits. See 'em all at BITS, the Whole Music Club's free variety show that takes place several times each fall and features moderately talented U of M performers, before they move onto bigger and brighter stages.

Email David at or drop off a demo in the Whole Music Club office in room B54 in the basement of Coffman.

Battle of the Bands

Student band on stage at BOTB.

Spring Jam’s Battle of The Bands is an annual student bands competition during spring semester for a chance at fame, glory and the opportunity to play on the big stage before the Spring Jam headliner. Bands are pitted against each other in one of four preliminary shows and need to win over the hearts of the audience to advance in the competition. Winners of each show then compete during Spring Jam for their shot at the title.

For more information and to enter, check out the Spring Jam website.

Past Battle of the Bands Winners


Wealthy Relative & Sayth
Prize: Opening slot for Spring Jam Headliner

Hippo Campus
Prize: Supporting act for WAM-O-Rama 2014

Treading North
Prize: RadioK Recording Session

Violet Eyes
Prize: $300 gift card for Twin Town Guitars

Male Models
Prize: $200 gift card for The Electric Fetus