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Join the Program Board

There are two ways to get involved with the Program Board.


Volunteers will help in every stage of the event planning process—from brainstorming event ideas to implementing them. No event planning experience necessary. Perks include food, meet & greets with nationally recognized names, insider information and more!

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Become a Committee Chair

Get paid each semester to plan and implement events on campus. You will coordinate event logistics, reserve venues, negotiate with agents, create budgets and carry out events… all with the support of advisers and a team of volunteers.

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Committee chairs are paid a semester stipend in working with a volunteer committee and advisor to choose events to plan and implement. They also negotiate with agents, reserve venues, coordinate event logistics, create budgets, and carry out events.

Committee Chair Position Timeline

Early Spring
Chair recruitment begins

Mid Spring
Chair offers made Chairs shadow, attend trainings and events

Plan fall events

Plan spring events Recruit and maintain volunteer committee

Execute spring events Mentor in-coming Chairs

Positions are paid a semester stipend of $750.00 during Fall, Spring and Summer for a time commitment of approximately 10 hours a week. Chairs are expected to attend trainings and events, in addition to planning events over the summer.