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#883: EcoWatch

Last Registered
September 10, 2011
Registered Student Organization
Environmental/Sustainability,Political and Social Action


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About this Group

Group Description
EcoWatch is a student organization at the University of Minnesota that works to expand the environmental dialog and engage students on campus environmental issues. We are a non-partisan group that focuses on campus outreach events and representing students on campus sustainability issues. We also work with local, state, and national environmental and clean energy campaigns.
Group's principal activities, events, or programs:
Among other events that we participate in during the academic year, every fall semester we host an annual energy and technology forum that brings in experts from non-profit organizations, industry, labor, and academia to discuss emerging energy technologies and their policy impacts. We also collaborate with other student organizations to host interdisciplinary speakers, outreach activities, and to push for greater sustainability programs and policies at the University.
How this group's activities benefit the University community:
In a time of heightened awareness of the importance of environmental issues, EcoWatch expands the dialog on these issues past the stereotypes and ingrained ideas and presents a range of perspectives on these topics to the University community.
How this group fits into its categories:
We are a non-partisan organization dedicated to expanding the discussion around the environmental challenges of the 21st century to the University community. We believe that environmental solutions are found when people in society actively engage in real dialog and solution seeking.
How to get involved with this group:
For information about our weekly meeting times and locations, visit or email Membership in EcoWatch is open to all University of Minnesota community members.
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