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#3007: CEMS Women's GROUP

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July 10, 2013
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September 30, 2014
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Academic and Educational,Cultural and Diversity,Graduate/Professional
Chemical Eng. and Material Science


About this Group

Group Description
CEMS Women's Group is a collaborative effort by CEMS women to increase communication among the women in our department and our communication with women in science and engineering who are currently in working in industry, academia, government agencies, or national labs.
Group's principal activities, events, or programs:
Principal activities include guest speakers, outreach events for K-12 students, and group discussions. Once a month, a professional working in science or engineering is invited for a talk over lunch. Guest speakers speak to graduate students about career options and balancing career and personal life. They share details about their work environment, projects they have worked on, choices that guided their professional lives, how they found opportunities, and similar topics. Their talks are inspiring and informative. Once a semester, graduate students plan an outreach event for K-12 students. The event consists of demonstrating science experiments to small groups of students.
How this group's activities benefit the University community:
Our activities increase communication between women in engineering. Communication between people is key to finding opportunities in different career areas and in other interests. A Women’s Group is meant to provide support to women in engineering. Women are a minority in engineering. The percentage of women entering the field is far less than 50%. Many women also leave the field even after a graduate degree, known as the leaky pipeline phenomena. Having a support group can be key in motivating young women to join and others to stay in the field. We hope our activities increase the diversity in the engineering community of the university.
How this group fits into its categories:
We selected 3 categories: Academic and Educational, Cultural and Diversity, and Graduate and Professional. Academic and Educational is selected because our activities revolve around science and engineering. Cultural and Diversity is selected because we are specifically focused on the roles of women in the field. Graduate and Professional is selected because the members are graduate students of CEMS.
How to get involved with this group:
We meet at least once a month. Email notifications are used for communicating meeting times and venues. All CEMS women are included in email notifications by default. There is no membership application form. Please contact any of the group officers for more information.


Contact Info

421 Washington Ave SE
150 Amundson Hall
Minneapolis, MN 55455


CLP Dept. Head
Frank Bates
Julie Prince
Palak Ambwani
Karen Haman
Jillian Schmidt
Cha-Jung Chen
Vicki Chemistruck
Carolyn Scott
Rachel Levine
Tessie Panthani
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