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#2512: Arabic Language and Culture Association

Last Registered
September 23, 2011
Registered Student Organization
Academic and Educational,Cultural and Diversity


This group is not currently registered with Student Unions and Activities. If you have questions regarding student groups or the registration process, please contact Student Activities at or (612) 626-6919.

About this Group

Group Description
The mission of Arabic Language and Culture Association (ALCA) is to provide a friendly educational and social environment for University of Minnesota community interested in learning Arabic language and familiarizing themselves with Arab culture. The key purpose of ALCA is to assist Arabic language students at the University of Minnesota in learning Arabic through oral communication and engaging in Arab cultural events and activities. This student-run group has no affiliation with any political or religious groups. It is a non-profit student organization and no individuals shall profit from any revenues this group will hold.
Group's principal activities, events, or programs:
ALCA is a home for anyone from University of Minnesota community interested in practicing Arabic language and learning Arab culture and history. ALCA activities include; organizing Arabic conversation sessions regularly for beginning Arabic to advanced learners, invite native Arab speakers to lead the conversation sessions and focus on different colloquial dialects, provide a friendly and fruitful environment for students to do their Arabic homework and prepare for test/exams, organize movie nights, celebrate Arab cultural events, establish a small academic resource center; dictionaries, story books, audio/video materials and cultural/history books, Arab Potluck, organize Arab poetry and music nights, organize Arabic Writing Competitions.
How this group's activities benefit the University community:
ALCA’s activities aim to assist the University of Minnesota community throughout their Arabic language learning journey. It creates a learning area for students communicate with other students and native Arabic speakers and practice their language skills. By bringing in all Arabic learners around the U & M under one umbrella, cultural diversity and awareness will be promoted.
How this group fits into its categories:
ALCA fits into Academic/Educational and Cultural/Diversity categories because this group aims at providing a very friendly and welcoming environment to Arabic language learners to enhance their language skills and raise their knowledge about Arabic culture, language and history.
How to get involved with this group:
ALCA welcomes anyone from the University of Minnesota community. Its membership is open to any registered university of Minnesota students, faculty or staff. Membership is free and anyone with a valid University of Minnesota ID can become a member by filling out membership form. The group will hold weekly board meetings and monthly board-member meetings. The time and date of the meetings will be set based on school schedule and availability of board members. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact A.Qais Munhazim at
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