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#1635: Business Law Association

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May 18, 2015
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September 30, 2016
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Academic and Educational, Graduate/Professional, Special Events


About this Group

Group Description
The Business Law Association (BLA) supplements classroom instruction by connecting students to real business attorneys. We do so by brining in speakers, by nurturing our special relationship with Mondale Hall's Corporate Institute, and by introducing students one-on-one to practicing attorneys. We bring in a slate of speakers each semester. Presenters range from numbers-savvy tax ninjas to slick courtroom rainmakers to boardroom deal brokers. Past speakers includeVice Presidents from Hormel, Imation, and Toro. Whatever your dream job, someone who's been there will soon be here, thanks to the BLA. Our club has a special relationship with the Corporate Institute. The experienced staff there represent over a century of business experience. Because we are more than just our student members, we enjoy advantages that other clubs lack. The biggest blessing the Corporate Insitute offers is a wide network of attorney relationships. BLA encourages students to make the most of this network by introducing themselves to potential employers, mentors, and friends. BLA gives students the opportunity to learn skills now that will pay dividends forever. *please note that we are second only to the Federalist Society in the quality of food we bring to our lunch-hour programs.
Group's principal activities, events, or programs:
Sponsor business speakers for lunch-hour programs. Present networking opportunities for law students. Spread awareness of business concentration and other Corporate Institute programs.
How this group's activities benefit the University community:
By providing information about and access to opportunities in business law. Promote a strong business law curriculum at the law school. Supplements classroom learning with practical experience and real-world stories.
How this group fits into its categories:
Graduate professional: This group is primarily for law students who already have a bachelor's or master's degree Academic and Educational: We work closely with existing school programs and staff to offer an integrated learning experience Special events: We have the best gyro lunches.
How to get involved with this group:
Absolutely anyone at the law school is welcome to join and has access to the Business Law Association. Email: Officers are elected at start-of-semester meetings, which are announced around the law school during the first half of September. Later semester events are open to anyone and are announced through fliers, e-mail, and chalk/markerboards.


Contact Info

Business Law Association
229-19th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455


Tina Li
Mitchell Noordyke
Roxanne Thorelli
Richard Sharp II
Amber Kraemer
Christopher Mantay