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Visual Arts Committee Chairs:

Advisor and Galleries Manager

  • Tricia Schweitzer
  • Phone: (612) 625-7281

Student Unions & Activities is looking for artists to submit their work to be exhibited in the Coffman Art Gallery, Second Floor Art Gallery, and the Larson Art Gallery at the University of Minnesota.

Interested in exhibiting your work? Submit a prospectus to the Visual Arts Committee by March 10, 2017.

Please make sure to include the following in your prospectus:

Contact Information: email, phone number, and website (if available).
2-4 samples of your artwork with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi at 4x6 inches.
Artist's Statement.
Please send your prospectus to Student Unions & Activities will review prospectuses and determine gallery placement and exhibitions in mid-April.

*We encourage student artists to submit. There is no need to possess a large body of work. We can pair works with others to make up a comprehensive exhibition.

Are you a part of an arts organization -- either on or off campus? Do you represent other artists? Send us an email with an idea for an exhibition. We would love to hear from you.

Visual Arts Committee Prospectus

Student Unions & Activities organizes 9 solo, group, or theme-based exhibitions per year at the St. Paul Student Center’s Larson Art Gallery, 4 solo exhibitions at Coffman Memorial Union’s Coffman Art Gallery and features work to be exhibited in various public spaces on the second floor of Coffman Memorial Union. To display your work in the galleries, submit a prospectus to the Visual Arts Committee.

Student artists are encouraged to submit their work. There is no need to have enough work to fill up the entire gallery space. Our student curators will work to form group exhibitions.