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Current Members

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Executive Positions

Ruby Oluoch

Julia Marshall
Vice President

Ian Nykaza
Finance Committee Chair

Leila Aboujouda
Program Board Committee Chair

Kowsar Mohamed
Policies Committee Chair

Christian Rosenow
Interim Communications Committee Chair

Monica Delgado
Communications Committee Chair

Erin Deal
Minnesota Student Association Representative

Julie Hess
Council of Graduate Students

Jasmine Gill
Professional Student Government

Maggie Towle
Student Unions & Activities Director, Ex-officio

At-Large Members

  • Alex Jobin
  • Talia Gurstel
  • Travis Kamm
  • Xiaochuan (Chester) Yuan


  • Jenna Klatt
  • Mary Vang


Erik Dussault
Program Board Advisor

Jason Hancock
Policies Advisor

Denny Olsen
Executive Advisor

Lori Smith
Finance Advisor

Katie Lucente
Communications Advisor