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Current Members

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Executive Positions

Ian Nykaza

Monica Delgado
Vice President

Kowsar Mohamed
Policies Committee Chair

Travis Kamm
Finance Committee Co-Chair

Jenna Klatt
Finance Committee Co-Chair

Leila Aboujouda
Program Board Committee Chair

Christian Rosenow
Communications Committee Chair

Erin Deal
Minnesota Student Association Representative

Julie Hess
Council of Graduate Students

Maggie Towle
Student Unions & Activities Director, Ex-officio

At-Large Members

  • Talia Gurstel
  • Xiaochuan (Chester) Yuan
  • Madyson (Maddie) Turner



Erik Dussault
Program Board Advisor

Jason Hancock
Policies Advisor

Katie Lucente
Communications Advisor

Denny Olsen
Sr. Associate Director

Lori Smith
Finance Advisor